Friday, October 26, 2012

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My exploration into the Paleo lifestyle started with the reading of "The Vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Keith in the winter of 2012. The words in this wonderful text blew my mind to say the least. The idea that one did not have to eat grains for nutrients and fiber perplexed me. This is what has been shoved in our collective faces for decades. How could this be? We were being lied to by advertisers and by the governments own food pyramid? As it were, my then girlfriend, was a vegetarian and reading this book really got me thinking about different ideas on nutrition and being a vegetarian. I had switched to mostly a vegetarian diet because, incorrectly, it was the healthy thing to do. Boy was that wrong. I under took a week long juice cleanse shortly after and it made me realize that I could get by with less food, and could actually try making changes and still survive.

I am a sheet metal tradesman for my day job and also do a fair amount of cycling. Mountain biking, long pleasure road rides and commuting to work. I was very concerned of being so hungry that I would not be able to function. My lunch box was always stuffed to capacity in anticipation of eating at every break to make sure my stomach was full and I had the energy necessary to make it through the day. I was still always famished. I would eat vegetables, fruit, sandwiches, and yogurt. Still, at the end of the day I would be ravenously hungry and grumpy. It was horrible.

My friend and my mom started throwing around the term "Paleo" and were sending me links on social media. Mating this with some of the information from Keith's book, I began to see the light. I needed more protein, more fat, way less carbs. My carb intake was incredible. I have never figured out exactly how many grams a day, but I ate bread at most meals, along with other grains, beans and corn products. No wonder I was so miserable.

Soon after my awakening, I began listening to Jack Spirko and the Survival Podcast. Jack has been doing a Paleo diet for a while with great results. I also began to understand the way the economy works and why we may be getting incorrect information on our health and nutrition. Many billions of dollars are at stake with an unhealthy population. Unbelievable, but so true. Another moment of awakening. I bought "The Paleo Solution" and haven't looked back. The vegetarian and I ended our relationship in June and Paleo became a part of my life, not just something to experiment with. My results were amazing but not unusual for someone who makes this change.

Since June I have lost 50 pounds. Below 200 pounds by a fair bit for the first time in 20 years. I look in the mirror and can't stop. I was always a chubby kid and was teased about it while growing up. I still hold those scars to this day in my mid thirties. Seeing my ribs now makes those wounds sting less. For years I was plagued on and off by knee pain that was from an unknown cause. Undergoing x-rays, pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, and massage therapy brought absolutely no change, no evidence in x-ray of injury. A complete mystery for the swelling and pain. I also suffered from self diagnosed I.B.S. Digestion problems persisted for years. Being to embarrassed to see a doctor, and feeling like that would result in many tests that would inconvience me and give no answers. Bloating, painful gas, fatigue and sleeping problems were also symptoms of my supposed healthy diet.

My life is so much different now. I have much more confidence, feel stronger and more motivated. Almost more animalistic. I am hunting for my own meat and when I do buy it, it comes from local grass fed and pastured farms. Also building a sustainable life in my community using Paleo principals, sourcing local and trying to help others. Always one to spread the message, trying to influence those suffering with diabetes, arthritis and obesity. I blog about my success and am hosting a podcast to spread the message of the incredible food diversity in my area. Thanks to Rob, and the Paleo community at large for helping to change my life. I love telling non-believers that I lost 50 pounds eating bacon and eggs! Follow me on twitter @cynicalcyclist.

Blayne Prowse Cumberland B.C.

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